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      The doctor slightly shrugged his shoulders, as an intimation that the Major's disposition of his property was a matter that did not interest him; but the latter mistook it for a sign of incredulity.

      "Well," exclaimed Mr. Youle, when he and Bergan had finally succeeded in escaping from the gratitude of Unwick, and the congratulations of friends. "I must say, I never saw such a sudden turn of events as that, in all my legal experience." And after a moment, he added, with unusual gravity, "It does seem as if the blessing of God were with you, and your two rules, Arling."

      "With the soul," rejoined Bergan.

      By order of the king, Fritz, who had also been condemned to die and was awaiting his doom, was brought down into a lower room of the fortress, before whose window the scaffold was erected, that he might be compelled to see Katte die. At his entrance the curtains were closed, shutting out the view of the court-yard. Upon the drawing of the curtains, Fritz, to his horror, beheld the scaffold draped in black on a level with the window, and directly before it.Mme. de Genlis put Mademoiselle dOrlans into mourning, telling her that it was for the Queen, which she must of course wear, and it was some time before she discovered the truth.


      "In some measure, I trust I do."


      Frederick was astounded, alarmed, for a moment overwhelmed, as these tidings were clearly made known to him. He had brought all this upon himself. And yet, the wretched man exclaimed, what a life I lead! This is not living; this is being killed a thousand times a day!


      "Manus manum lavat. Men were meant to help each other. Have a ride, sir?" Character of the Crown Prince.Stratagem of the Emperor Joseph II.Death of the Empress Catharine of Russia.Matrimonial Alliance of Russia and Prussia.Death of the King of Bavaria.Attempt to Annex Bavaria to Austria.Unexpected Energy of Frederick.Court Intrigues.Preparations for War.Address to the Troops.Declaration of War.Terror in Vienna.Irritability of Frederick.Death of Voltaire.Unjust Condemnation of the Judges.Death of Maria Theresa.Anecdote.The Kings Fondness for Children.His Fault-finding Spirit.The Kings Appearance.The Last Review.Statement of Mirabeau.Anecdote related by Dr. Moore.Fredericks Fondness for Dogs.Increasing Weakness. Unchanging Obduracy toward the Queen.The Dying Scene.