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      Lilias repeated:

      A low laugh tinkled from the ancestress: "Ha, ha! you thought the fool would be scandalized, and instead he is only the more enamored.""Ah, that," cried the girl, with tears in her voice, "'tis impossible! 'Twould kill her, that mortification, as well as me, for you to be the loser!"

      I dont know anything, she said, with a laugh. They[117] reached the summit. Those are good horses of yours, she said, again; they seem as fresh as when they started.

      She laid her hand on his shoulder.

      [73]"'I'd offer thee this hand of mine--'?"




      Thank youthank you, my dear! he said, gratefully.Hilary turned, glanced easily over the heads of the throng, and espied Greenleaf beckoning with a slender cane. Together they crossed the way and entered the office of a public stable.