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      "Give me a year of freedom, a year for art and earnest work in Italy, a year for Martin and Isola, who both want me; and if this night year you are still of the same mind, I will be your wife. I will not engage you. You may be as[Pg 214] free as air to change your mind and love some one else; but I will promise to be true to you and to this talk of ours till the year's endone year from to-night."

      She fled; and Mr. Pinchook rose and gathered his papers together.Isola heard those far-off melodies faint in the distanceheard without heeding. The notes were beyond measure familiar, interwoven with the very fabric of her life, for those were the airs Martin Disney loved, and she had played them to him nearly every evening in their quiet, monotonous life. She heard, unheeding, for her thoughts had wandered back to the night of the ball at Lostwithiel and all that went after itthe fatal night that struck the death-knell of peace and innocence.

      Whether the really lovely row commenced at the bar, began at the billiard-table or originated at the faro, it would be difficult to say; rows sprung up very quickly at Three Star Camp at all times, but especially at this season, when the weather was disgustingly hot and everybody feverish and overstrained.You are very fond of him? said Esmeralda, after a pause. The two girls were standing by the window, and the bright sunlight only served to accentuate Esmeraldas fresh loveliness.

      It was on the tip of his tongue to say: You have only to say the word, and you can share in this proprietorship, but he held himself in hand. He did not want a decided refusal; and something told him he had not won her yet, and that the No would certainly be forthcoming."I hope," Doctor Remy was just saying, with apparent concern, "that nothing worse is behind it all, than some foolish whim or escapade"when, hearing a step at the door, he turned and met Hubert Arling's stern, threatening gaze. In spite of his consummate self-control, he could not help giving a violent start. Recollecting himself instantly, however,inasmuch as he had just heard of Hubert's previous visit,he came forward and held out his hand.

      So the long summer daywithout the glow and glory of summerwore on, and except for her excessive languor and feebleness there were no indications that the patient's state was any worse than it had been for some weeks. The doctor came late in the afternoon, and felt her pulse, and talked to her a little; but it was easy to see that his visit was only a formula.



      Isola and Lostwithiel had danced only two waltzes, but[Pg 69] since two o'clock they had sat out several dances, Mrs. Disney having cancelled all her engagements after that hour by declaring that she would dance no more.