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      "No, only two or three professors at the college, and the Marquis de Querangal, the gentleman who has the boar-hounds. His daughter used to visit at Dinan, and she and I were great friends."Isola stood listening to their footsteps, as they passed the little painted shrine on the hill path. She heard them give the time of day to a party of peasant women, with empty[Pg 242] baskets on their heads, going up to gather the last of the olives. Then she roamed about the wooded valley and the slope of the hill towards Colla for an hour or two, and then, growing suddenly tired, she crept home, in time to sit beside her baby while he slept his placid noontide sleep. She bent over the little rosebud mouth and kissed it, in a rapture of maternal love.

      So that Esmeralda had grown up as innocent of love and love-makingindeed, far more innocentas nineteen out of twenty English girls.

      So the brief Indian summer passed in pleasant idlesse on a tranquil sea. The equinoctial gales had not begun to rage yet. There was a lull before the coming of the great winds which were to blow good ships on shore, and startle sleepers in the dead of night. All now was fair and placidsunlit waters, golden evenings. They spent one bright, balmy day off Mevagissey, a day which was like a long dream to Isola, as she sat on deck in a low folding-chair, wrapped in a great feathery rug from the South Sea Islands, with her languid head reclining against a plush-covered cushion, one of the many effeminate luxuries which abounded in the cabins below. Everybody else was intent upon the nets. Everybody else was full of interest and movement and expectation; but she sat apart from all, with her ivory knitting-needles lying idle in her lap, amidst a soft mass of white wool, which her industry was to convert into a garment for the baby.

      Die Todten reiten schnelle!Yes, he said; thats my mothers place.



      How do you spell it?


      Its true, boys. Theyve found me, and Ive got to go. I dont want to goto leave you alla big tear rolled down her cheek and fell on the stocking she still held in her handbut Ive got to go. But Im coming backIm coming back soon. Dont make it hard for me! she pleaded, as the crowd murmured audibly. Tell them, Varley! She went into the hut with her arm across her eyes like a heart-broken child.The first week in the new house was like a week in fairyland. The weather was peerlessa climate that makes people forget there is such a season as winter in the worldand the two girls wandered about in the olive woods and climbed the mule-paths all through the fresh balmy hours or in the hottest noontides sat in the deserted garden or in a sheltered corner near an old stone wellone of those wells which suggest the meeting of Isaac and Rebeccaand Allegra painted while Isola read to her, in the low sweet voice which lent new and individual music to the sweetest verse of her favourites, Byron, Keats, and Shelley.