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      "I couldn't possibly! I couldn't possibly!" she murmured.

      Si was too much of a farmer boy to give in to anything that walked on four legs.

      She pulled him wildly to the foot of the stairs, Pendleton leaning back, and his bare feet slapping the floor absurdly. Pen laughed so she had to sit on the bottom step to recover.

      "Who were his friends?"

      "Ain't ye never goin' to larn nuthin'," said Shorty, with a laugh. "Guard-mountin' don't mean fer the men to git on hosses. It's only the name they gives it in the Army Reggelations. Dunno why they calls it that, 'nless it's 'cause the guards has to 'mount' anybody that tries to pass 'thout the countersign. But don't ye fool yerself with thinkin' yer goin' to get to ride. We'll keep pluggin' along afoot, on guard or anywhere else, same's we have all the time."

      They came back loaded with stuff, which they dumped down on the ground before the prisoners, with the brief remark:


      "I suppose you left some," said Jack Wilkinson. "I'll go down there and get the rest." Tumble up you sick and lame and blind;


      "And you say their evidence is important?"


      He waited awhile for the borrower to return the tool, but as he did not, he gathered up a load of wood and carried it up to the cabin.The Deacon's face became very rigid, and the musket was advanced to a more threatening position. "I told you before," he said, "that I didn't allow no man to call me sich names. I give you warnin' agin. I'm liable to fall from grace, as the Methodists say, any minnit. I'm dumbed sure to if you call me an other name."