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      [4] Ragueneau, Relation des Hurons, 1650, 3. In the Relation of the preceding year he gives the fifteenth of May as the date,evidently an error.And were the three verily back to stay?

      291Copenhagen, November 1, 1881.

      [1] Compare Relation, 1651, 4; 1660, 14, 28; and 1670, 69. The Huron town among the Senecas was called Gandougara. Father Fremin was here in 1668, and gives an account of his visit in the Relation of 1670.I have traced, in another volume, the life and death of the noble founder of New France, Samuel de Champlain. It was on Christmas Day, 1635, that his heroic spirit bade farewell to the frame it had animated, and to the rugged cliff where he had toiled so long to lay the corner-stone of a Christian empire.

      Red-hot with a determined purpose, the Adelantado would brook no delay. To him, says the chronicler, every day seemed a year. He was eager to anticipate Ribaut, of whose designs and whose force he seems to have been informed to the minutest particular, but whom he hoped to thwart and ruin by gaining Fort Caroline before him. With eleven ships, therefore, he sailed from Cadiz, on the twenty-ninth of June, 1565, leaving the smaller vessels of his fleet to follow with what speed they might. He touched first at the Canaries, and on the eighth of July left them, steering for Dominica. A minute account of the voyage has come down to us, written by Mendoza, chaplain of the expedition,a somewhat dull and illiterate person, who busily jots down the incidents of each passing day, and is constantly betraying, with a certain awkward simplicity, how the cares of this world and of the next jostle each other in his thoughts."Charlie is my darling! my darling! my darling!"

      "Seemed," he resumed, "so much more like the front--listen!" There came a far, childish call.

      "Not taken?"



      The house is surrounded! cried the latter in a loud voice. No one can escape.


      As you know, fair maid, Ninus continued, I will gladly serve you.LXVIII BY THE DAWN'S EARLY LIGHT