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      Has he no other name?

      A drachma was slipped with the letter into Doris hand and, blushing for joy, she left Hipyllos with the best wishes for him and Clytie.

      Yes!it was a voice of fate, a sign sent by the50 gods, an answer to her appeal placed in Periphas mouth, without his suspecting it, by Zeus himself.

      Buy charcoal! Buy vinegar!

      "I don't believe it!" cried he, and sang again:

      Love's war was declared. From hour to hour of that night and the next morning, in bed, at board, dressing for the thronged city, spinning with Constance and Miranda up Love Street across Piety and Desire and on into the town's centre, Anna, outwardly all peace, planned that war's defensive strategy. Splendidly maidenly it should be, harrowingly arduous to the proud invader, and long drawn out. Constance should see what a man can be put through. But oh, but oh, if, after all, the invasion should not come!


      "They ought," replied the soldier, and his low voice thrilled like a sounding-board, "to love the women--out of every fibre of their being.""You are a liar." "Which way did you go?" "By what rivers?" "By what lakes?" "Who went with you?"


      "And did just right!" whispered and beamed poor Anna. "What did you dream, dear?"


      About noon he gave his farewell feast, after the 81 custom of those who knew themselves to be at the point of death. All were welcome to this strange banquet; and when the company were gathered, the host addressed them in a loud, firm voice: "My brothers, I am about to die. Do your worst to me. I do not fear torture or death." Some of those present seemed to have visitings of real compassion; and a woman asked the priests if it would be wrong to kill him, and thus save him from the fire.THE HETAERIA.