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      In another minute, he was sure Norma wasn't going to come back. Probably she had found someone else, he told himself in what he thought was a reasonable manner. After all, he wasn't a very exciting person: she had probably started off to get him a drink or something, with the best of intentions, and met someone more interesting on the way.

      "Hello, Groundhog, is that you? Ain't you dead yit? Say, have you seen a squad o' recruits around hereall boys, with new uniforms, and no letters or numbers on their caps?""Open it and read it, Maria," said Si, to whom reading of letters meant labor, and he was yet too weak for work.

      Every bright sally of Maria was punctuated with shrieks of laughter from the girls accompanying her. Led by her, they swarmed into the dull, bare room, filling it with the brightness of their youthful presence, their laughter, and their chirruping comments on everything they saw. The jail was a place of deep mystery to them, and it was a daring lark for them to venture in even to the outside rooms.

      "Yores, till deth."

      "Hush, Harry. Never speak o' that," Si admonished him.

      "Why?" asked Naomi.


      "Great Jehosephat," gasped Shorty, "was that Gen. Tecumseh Sherman?"


      It was finally arranged that Si should move his squad out to near the edge of the path and wait for Lieut. Bigelow to come up, while Shorty should go forward and reconnoiter.The boys obeyed as if dazed, and started to follow little Pete's lead toward the clump of willows.