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      "I should be frightened if you came."

      That he who'd be free must himself strike the Blow."

      They turned their eyes to the crest, and there saw Pete waving his hat to them.

      He stopped and looked round, and the next minute she was at his side. Her hair was all blown about her face, her cheeks were flushed the colour of bell-heather, and her breast heaved like a wave. She could not speak, but her eyes were blessing him, and then suddenly both her hands were in his.

      "It's always the farm wud you, Reuben. You might sometimes think of your own kin."



      "I've got to tell you," he said. "I came hereI don't know why, but maybe I just came to tell you what's happening."Caro trembled so that she could hardly move, and once again came the feeling that she ought to turn and run back into the house. But she was powerless in the clutch of her long-thwarted emotions. The tipsy sailor became God to her, and she followed him out on to the Moor.


      At this juncture Albert opened his eyes.