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      "Get back under the shadow of the trees, boys, and keep quiet," said Si.

      "What's that?" said Si. "Two sees an' a holler? How far is that?"

      "Blast it, Si, can't you gag that old guinea-hen," said Shorty, in a savage undertone.The old man's face brightened like a May day, and then his faded eyes filled with joyful tears as he exclaimed:

      "Did you ever hear sich vulgarity?" Groundhog groaned. "Now hear him brag and use langwidge unfit for any lady to see:"I've said I'd rather die 10 times over than marry yo', Jeff Hackberry," murmured Mrs. Bolster. "I've280 bin the wife o' one ornery snipe of a whisky-sucking sand-digger, and when the Lord freed me from him I said I'd never git yoked with another. But I s'pose I've got to live for my children, though the Lord knows the yaller-headed brats hain't wuth hit. They're everyone of 'em their dad over aginall Bolsters, and not wuth the powder to blow 'em to kingdom come. I'd a heap ruther marry Jeff Hackberry to make sure o' havin' him shot than to save him from shootin'."

      "Yes, I think so," answered Rosenbaum.

      "What are you up to?" Si asked.



      Here Goes, Mebbe to Libbey Prison."Well, I want you and both your guns," said Shorty, thrusting his revolver against the man's face. "Pick up them guns and go right ahead there."


      Shorty's imitations of Mrs. Bolster's voice and manner were so good as to deceive even the dogs, who changed their attitude of shrill defiance to one of fawning welcome."Mrs. Bolster," she reminded him, with another jounce upon his chest.