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      "If you are," she murmured, "you may take me to the nearest church--or the biggest--that day."

      Flora sat reading a note just come from that same "A.C." Her brother had gone to call on Victorine. Irby had just bade the reader good-by, to return soon and go with her to Callender House to see the Bazaar. Madame Valcour turned from a window with a tart inquiry:

      He looked at her with a troubled frown on his face.During the first few days after the unsuccessful attack Periphas, from fear of the Cychreans, concealed himself in a cave in Mt. Hymettus. It was known only by the herdsman who brought him his provisions, and the furniture consisted of some goat-skin coverlids, a hand-mill, a few clay vessels, and a stone hearth.

      "At the front?" replied Doctor Sevier to Anna, "why, at the front you'll be kept in the rear, lost in a storm of false rumors."The saloon was full, business in fine swing, and MacGrath, from his place behind the bar, dispensed, as of old, noggins[267] of his infamous whisky; there was the usual noisy game of billiards going on, and now and again a youth with musical gifts was hammering on the tin-kettle piano. Taffy, gloriously drunk, was bawling out the last comic songit had expired in England of general loathing six months agoand two men were quarreling in a corner and breathing threats of mutual destruction.

      Flora was genuinely surprised.

      Greenleaf had come back with General Banks when Banks had succeeded Butler. Oppressed with military cares, he had barely time to be, without scrutiny, a full believer in the Valcours' loyalty to the union. Had they not avowed it to him when to breathe it was peril, on that early day when Irby's command became Kincaid's Battery, and in his days of Parish Prison and bazaar? How well those words fitly spoken had turned out! "Like apples of gold," sang Flora to the timorous grandmother, "in wrappers of greenbacks."

      Esmeralda backed behind the door, still covering the woman with the revolver.


      "Especially to-day's," smirked weary Age.39


      Yes, she was paler; andand what did that look in her eyes mean? She had not looked so at Three Star; she had not looked so when she came into the room at Lady Wyndovers to be introduced to him. It could not mean that she wasunhappy!Yes; it is of no consequence, he said, dully.


      Lady Ada! she said. Then she added, quietly: Ive never seen such hair as yours, my lady. No one can see it for the first time without raving about it. If you could hear the gentlemenBoys, Ive bad news. Theyve taken Esmeralda.